K then..

on Thursday, February 21, 2013

I couldn't make up my mind between two extra special K topics..so if you don't mind...if it's not too much..I will include them both. Firstly, K is for kindness. I smiled big when the judges announced the winner of this year's Tropfest Short Film Festival in Sydney this week,  because it is a beautiful and deserving little movie..about kindness. It is called 'We've All Been There'.. CLICK HERE  to take a look if you like :)

The milk of human kindness, so unique to humanity, so hard to find sometimes in a harsh modern world where we seem more to resemble members of the animal kingdom slaying the weak so the fittest can survive.

It's hard to be kind sometimes, when the kids are driving us crazy, when the odds are stacked against us and nothing seems to go right, when he forgets your anniversary..again, when some selfish sob takes your parking spot....... temptation to pay all the agro forward is huge. But kindness is some kind of magic oil that greases the wheels of goodness and peace and harmony...and all those other things we wish the world would be. Do it. Shake your fist at the whole dumb lot of rotten unjust unbelievable frustration by shaking out a little kindness. What goes around....comes around...right back at you.

And will you believe it..? I have to have a second crack at the letter K...because I just can't not blog about Kisses. It was said ..by F Scott Fitzgerald actually..that the kiss "originated when the first male reptile licked the first female reptile, implying in a subtle, complimentary way that she was as succulent as the small reptile he had for dinner the night before".. it seems this most lovely of human activities has been around for a long time..

Kiss Contract

During this time, we agree not to speak
Save for sounds which cannot be called words.
Our pact we seal with warm palms pressed upon flesh,
And enter into a solemn contract to be carried out
By the soft messengers of our mouths;
Lips forsworn to faithfully divulge
Secret longings and hidden passions,
Tongues given leave to search for ways to portray desire.
The sanctity of the undertaking is understood
And respected with circumspection and deference.
Our hearts the scribes of all proceedings
Flurry to take down every nuance,
Aching with the responsibility of recording what cannot be uttered.
Here in a tiny arena of armless wrestlers,
Our two souls lock in tender combat,
Duelling to the death of strangeness.

©Julia Zed Feb 2013

Flamenco Dancer Sealed With a Kiss