ZZZ ... pardon me while I yawn

on Friday, November 4, 2016

Is philosophy a bore? Talk to any philosopher, (one that’s not dead) and you may be simultaneously bored and offended. Who else can drone on so long about one idea? Who else can manage to link all ideas in a single sentence? – (a very long sentence..) What’s the point of all that thinking anyway? Wouldn’t it be better just to get on with life and stop thinking about it for heaven’s sake?

But if there were more philosophers in the world, wouldn’t it be a more reasonable place? Wouldn’t we be more likely to begin understanding a few things? (What’s with all the questions? – Ah ha! ...we’re being little philosophers ourselves..) Where philosophy thrives, so too do other expressions of thought. Like art. And music.

Think of it.. our modern philosophers are often our musicians. They sing their thoughts to us in poetic verse, shout it to us in prolonged raving, croon it, whisper it, scream or yodel it – and we get it. Sometimes.

Imagine. Imagine not being allowed to think. Ideas are as natural to human imagination as breathing. Any authority which disallows personal thought is in fact cutting off oxygen to human development. That’s tantamount to lobotomising humanity; trimming off all but one philosophy of life, and that dreamt up by a very small contingent of, (dare I think it), narrow-minded individuals.

We might as well all be asleep..