on Thursday, July 9, 2009

I've been thinking on what that means...a 'friend'. It seems there are many definitions for that word. How does one define something that means so many different things? I think that the english language lets us down on words like 'friend' and 'love'. Its just too vague! True friends are a treasure in this life...when does someone qualify for that honoured title?

Time itself is the only judge wise enough to bestow that honour. Only time will sift the true from the plastic, eventually revealling the motives and character of those we trust to call friends. So the lesson is this I guess: don't trust too soon. Guard your heart well, understanding that human beings are by nature frail.

If you need a friend, be one. If you need love, be love to those around you. And when you find a true friend; one who is still there after your own frailties have been revealled..be thankful. And faithful. True friends deserve true friendship in return.