Promise me ... that ... smile

on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter.. P. It seems the perfect day for a poem :)

Promise me that smile
The runaway which has
No introduction just an
Unpretentious entry like
Uncle Charlie bursting into the room

Promise me no
Hesitation but just the rush
Of the current over stones
Warm and liquid and

Promise me a crushing
Soothing velveteen couch
Kind of burying embrace
Full of overstuffed cushions
Which we toss out of
The way and timeless like
The moment before the sun
Goes down past the lip
Of the horizon seeming
To wait there burning a
Last cigarette before
Ducking under

Make me a promise
That you cannot fail to keep
A promise picked free of the
Cobwebs and dust of past
Hearts and simple
Like a naked grape
Ready for the roundness of
One mouth

©Julia Zed 2013