on Friday, June 17, 2016

Whole. There’s a concept for you!

WWW seems to suggest that, doesn’t it? Those little letters are a claim of total inclusion – the world wide web -  as though the whole planet were wrapped up nicely together in one mind, sharing knowledge and experience. But it’s not whole really, not the web nor the world. The silent masses get on with their lives, many of them oblivious to the frenetic workings of the internet, their voices not included in the ‘all’ of it all.

As for the planet, it grows further from whole the more humanity encroaches onto every last ice floe and ocean crevice. One has to wonder how much the system can take before some critical point of imbalance occurs to plunge us into an end game scenario. Wholeness is not on our agenda.

Personally though, despite the sad bad news of worldly woe, we can still be whole, right? We can find ourselves, satisfy ourselves, improve ourselves and please ourselves as long as we don’t hurt someone else. Or are we incomplete until we look outside of ourselves? They say everyone has a soul mate, someone who will complete them... two loves make a whole. That’s what they say, but in the end won’t we still have to leave the earth alone?

Perhaps what counts is the heart. Being whole-hearted is a wholeness anyone, even half-wits, can achieve.