on Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I recently took time away from a busy schedule and was on my own for a number of weeks. Something happened that hadn't really had a chance while I was embroiled in the day-to-day of my time-tabled living...I reflected. I enjoyed the experience so much, that I have decided to do it regularly, in between the rest of everything even though I am back being embroiled.

Reflecting seems like it should be peaceful and quiet and meditative, and it was those things but it left me energized and refreshed. Maybe it is obvious, but taking time out to just mull over whatever has been going on in the mind while we've been preoccupied with responsibilities does a good job of clearing the brain-cobwebs.

This photo was taken in a mall in Dresden, Germany. I left my cousin to the shopping and my camera and I spent some time...reflecting.


Katherine said...

Sometimes I lose myself in the business of everyday life. You've reminded me that it's ok, possibly even crucial, to NOT schedule something every day.

Jules said...

:) ...I'm thinking I need a big sign on my bedroom wall. It's too easy to let life take over.