on Sunday, May 9, 2010

My heart is mooching around the house in a grey cardigan.

I seem to have misplaced a lot of the things that make it colourful. Things that make it skip. I'd better go and clean the house out and see if I can find them again.

Actually one of the reasons I came in here was because I thought I had something on my mind to say...however, now that I'm typing all I really have is a feeling which I can't put into words. That is a serious limitation since I don't really have anything other than words to work with here.

I never have liked cardigans...and grey isn't my colour. Perhaps that's what I needed to myself. :)


Katherine said...

Stick on a colourful brooch! I love grey because without it all my other colours would have nothing to bounce off and would all compete with each other.

Grey grounds me and helps me think before I act or say something silly.

Perhaps you were just thinking?

Jules said...

I'm used to wearing bright colours, inside and out...but I like your thought about being grounded..and thinking before saying something silly! heart was having a grey day is all. Tonight however, it is skipping along nicely :)