B is for..

on Wednesday, December 26, 2012

B is for BLOG.

I blog because..
                I have something to say?  I’d like some attention? I’m bored? I believe everyone is doing it nowadays so why not me? I’m hoping it will lead to fame and fortune? I’m aspiring to be a writer and this is good practise? I’m looking for friends? I need someplace to dump all this stuff in my head?

..could be... and those are reasons that will find a home somewhere. But in my case, it’s because I believe writing is an art just like painting and dancing, and art is better shared.

Any closet artists out there that create just for self ..aw c’mon...show meeee! Something happens to art once it is released into the public sphere. It gathers more unto itself as it is contemplated; it seems to live and grow under scrutiny, changing as it becomes a part of its environment. And like any life-form, it influences its world. I know...bold statements. But not so bold as to put my own words in that category!

I’ve been a blog reader and dabbler for a few years, never really committing myself properly to any consistency. (If my mum was reading this she’d nod and say uh huh, what’s new?...) However, I seem to have launched upon some kind of goal to at least do twenty six..

Blogging an artform?.. well, if I stick at it.. it might be.

Here’s to its becoming.


Katherine said...

I'm looking, and reading :-)
And I will even show and tell too...

Here's some of my art...

Jules said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork :) I love to see something through the eyes of another, and your art certainly shows your appreciation for colour and detail.