C is for..

on Thursday, December 27, 2012

C is for ... just way too many things to mention. Crikey, how is a person supposed to write something around the letter C when there are so many words in the English language to choose from?! It’s ridiculous to even try! I could write up a storm on cats, crisis, computers, coconuts, caramels, children, cricket, crime, cucumbers, cars, Christmas, charities, crack, canaries, cartoons... wait...I’ve got it. C is for cyber, right?

That’s how we’re defining ourselves these days. Cyber banking, cyber books, cyber entertainment, cyber shopping, cyber relationships.. true or not? Ha, here I am cyber communicating with you at this very moment. Aint it great?

Of course I can’t write a blog about cyber-anything because it’s been done! Done to cyberdeath. I’ve read a whole ton of well-put-together articles about cyber everything and consider myself full bottle, so I’m not about to add to that gargantuan pile of opinion. Do I hear you cybersigh your relief?

Please don’t think I’m a cyberobjector. No way. That’d be like biting the platform that blogs me. But I’m all for real, in your face life wherever possible. There are some things that cyberspace just can’t help me with.

Because, let’s face it. In the end, C is for chocolate.

picture taken from the internet


Katherine said...

Mmmm, Chocolate! My daughter (who knows I love cherry liqueur chocolates) bought me 6 THEOBROMA cherry liqueur chocolates for Christmas. Heaven.

Jules said...

If they ever invent cyber chocolate I'll be lost to the world...