Singin along with the Stones

on Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Really Satisfies!".. It's a great line. A mainstay of the commercial catch-phrase conjurers. But it's a lie, obviously. I've tested it myself. I bought the chocolate bar that Really Satisfies and five minutes later I wanted another one. Even the fizzed can of liquid that was all set to satisfy my thirst really actually only made me thirstier as the salt and sugar in it sent my body into a rush. ..I didn't read the fine print? ..the rider which advises that the satisfaction won't last? Where!? ..That's taken as read? Oh. I gave out my Moolah for food and drink and didn't get no satisfaction. Poor me.

You know what else? I buy the clothes they tell me to, but still my wardrobe doesn't contain a darn thing when I'm looking for something to put on. I'm just glad we don't have to think for ourselves. They've got it covered! The fashion industry knows what we have to wear, the fast food industry knows what we have to eat, and the porn industry knows what we gotta lust after. And.. wait a sec. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm? Tsk. We aren't stupid, right? Just desperately unsatisfiable. Poor us.

Really, who are the poor?
Michael Hutchence, drippingly wealthy lead singer of wildly popular band INXS, universally proclaimed sex god, dies in the misadventurous pursuit of satisfaction. That's poor. Poor Michael.

Do we even know what we truly need? Those who are poor in resources die of the subsequent lack. Are they any more poor than those of us who live in excessive abundance and die of the subsequent abuse? Are we any happier? We are both unsatisfiable.

Poverty is relative, and is as much psychological as it is physical.
Freedom from poverty must begin in the mind with a recognition of what is truly needed. And what is not.


U is for un-satisfiable.